What is a Client Relationship Management System (CRM)?  Business leaders don’t often realize that they even need one, let alone what one does.  A CRM is a tool designed to allow a business leaders and their team become knowledgable and proficient at keeping track of their leads, prospects and customers.  A CRM provides an ability for you and your team to track and maintain what interest prospects have had in your services or products as well as what their entire life history has been with your organization.



“We knew we needed a CRM solution but needed the right help to implement the software and get the ball rolling.  THe Lightbox Group showed us the way and provided the resources necessary for implementation and training.”

Kevin Johnson

Grape Media


We provide an array of digital media ranging in spectrum from Web and Print.  We allow the Small Business Owner to focus on doing what they love by providing a platform in which they can tell their client base about their services/products and be presented in both Digital media and Print media.  The services range from (but are not limited to): Website, Business Cards, Logo Design, Banners, Flyers, Decals, Brochures, Vinyl and much more.  Through our extended partnerships, we offer very competitive printing options as well.


What does your online presence look like?  Your web presence is more important than ever.  What does your website look like?  What are you telling the world, or not telling them by your website.  Web usage is up higher than it has ever been.  The importance of your web standing and the ability for you to clearly communicate your products/services to your wanted client base is mostly dependent on your website.  Get started today by understanding more how The Lightbox Group can assist with your online presence which includes but isnt limited to, Online Marketing, HTML Email Campaigns and the systems that connect everything together.


“I wanted to reach my old clients as well as start touching new clients, but didn’t understand how to do that effectively and know who was still interested in our services.  The LightBox Group connected the dots.  Now we’re target marketing to clients who need what we’ve got.  Thanks Lightbox!”

Michael Loffer

M Loffer Yachts

Are you on and talking on the Social Media Platforms that are available to you?  Are you trying to drive local traffic and don’t know where to start?  Look no further.  We will begin the process of discovery with you to assist in understanding what your needs are and how to tell the world they need your services/products.  Social Media can provide your organization with a foundation client base simply by telling the world more about your organization as well as giving you a voice in the search engines.